Ikuo Hasegawa

Live! Music Night

2018.05.28 -
EVENT HOURS: 18:30 - 19:30
ADMISSION FEE: 2,500 yen


Ikuo Hasegawa, a guitarist who plays a variety of ancient guitars, will give an antique guitar live performance on Monday, May 28, at 7:30 p.m. This will be the first day of the "World of Plaster Art" exhibition by Koji Matsuda. Please enjoy it as well.

In the early 19th century, the guitar was very popular in Europe and was called the "Golden Age". In this live concert, we will present the guitar music of that period, along with the instruments of the time, gut strings made from sheep's intestines, and "tachi-gane," which is played standing up with straps on.
Please enjoy this time to discover what kind of sounds and how people enjoyed music in those days.


  • From Three Sonatinas I (Giuliani op.71-1)
  • From Three Overtures I (Carulli op.6-1)
  • Introduction and Variations on a Theme from The Magic Flute (Sol op.9)
  • Boat Song (Cost op.51-14)
  • A Thousand Grass in the Garden (Irish Folk Song - arranged by Merz), etc.
  • Guitars used: French famous guitars used by many guitarists of the time
  • Guitar: "René François Lacôte (1828)
  • Performed by: Ikuo Hasegawa

Graduated from Nihon University College of Art, Department of Music, majoring in guitar. Studied guitar under the late Mikio Hoshido, Kozo Ken, Yoshimasa Yoshida, and others.
In 1982, he won the first prize in the concerto division of the All Japan Guitar Competition, and in 1988, the second prize in the college student division of the G.L.C. Student Guitar Competition. With the motto of "playing beautiful music in an accessible way," he is currently active as a soloist, as well as in guitar duets and ensembles with singing and other instruments. Since 1998, he has also been interested in performing with instruments from the 19th and early 20th centuries.

Ikuo Hasegawa's official website http://www.hasegawa-guitar.com/

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