Yousuke Sasaoka & Natsuko Saka Duo Exhibition

2023.09.21 — 2023.10.14

ART FOR THOUGHT is pleased to present a two-person exhibition by Okinawa-based painter and illustrator Yousuke Sasaoka, and Ryukyushi paper artisan Natsuko Saka (TSUTO) from September 21 (Thu) to October 14 (Sat), 2023.

This exhibition will feature the work of the two artists, each with different expressions and techniques, using Ryukyushi paper, which was created more than 300 years ago during the time of the Ryukyu Kingdom and is made from Okinawan plants such as banyan, pineapple, and ito-basho (wild Okinawan bananas).

We hope that this exhibition will be an experience that evokes our thoughts and worship of nature's blessings through the traditional culture of Okinawa, which has been handed down since ancient times. We hope you will enjoy the exhibition.