Satoru Kitago's figurative terracotta sculptures of a wolf.

Satoru Kitago Exhibition


2011.03.30 - 2011.04.09


Discover the captivating world of Mr. Satoru Kitago at Art For Thought, a small art gallery located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo. Currently exhibiting the works of this leading figurative terracotta sculptor and Vice President of Tokyo University of the Arts, our gallery offers a unique space that encourages free expression and experimentation, allowing artists to showcase their art in an environment that fosters creativity. Explore the distinctive form and use of colors that characterize Kitago's work, and immerse yourself in a world full of charm and warmth.

Satoru Kitago is a renowned Japanese sculptor known for his figurative terracotta sculptures that blend traditional Japanese techniques with contemporary expression. Born in Tokyo in 1960, Kitago studied sculpture at Tokyo National University of Fine Arts and Music, where he later became a professor and served as Vice President.

Kitago's works are characterized by their unique form, which incorporates elements of realism and abstraction. His use of colors, particularly blue, light green, and white with a nostalgic, flour-like texture, adds to the distinctive charm of his pieces. In recent years, Kitago's works have received acclaim not only in Japan but also in China and other countries where he has exhibited.

The artist has held numerous solo exhibitions at art museums and galleries throughout Japan, showcasing his exceptional technique and the human charm that emanates from his works. Art For Thought is proud to present Kitago's first solo exhibition in a gallery café format, where visitors can enjoy his sculptures while savoring delicious food and drinks. Come experience the world of Satoru Kitago at Art For Thought until April 9th, and discover the warmth, strength, calmness, and innocence that his works exude.


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