Art Teller Toni Art History Seminar Series #1

Renaissance History through Ice Cream

2013.04.13 -
SEMINAR HOURS: 11:30 - 13:00 (Doors open at 11:00)

INCLUDES: 1 Drink & snacks


Welcome to the world-renowned Japanese art gallery located in Ginza, Tokyo. We offer an exceptional opportunity to witness the finest art pieces, ranging from ancient to contemporary, created by skilled Japanese artists. Our mission is to introduce Japanese art and culture to the world through our exhibitions and events. In keeping with this mission, we are excited to announce a new sensation of art history lectures that will begin in April. These lectures, led by Toni-Professor, a former Yoshimoto comedian and art teller, offer a unique perspective on Western art history through familiar "parables" that seem unrelated to art history.

We are offering a new sensation of art history lectures starting in April. The lectures, led by Toni-Professor, aim to overturn the common belief that understanding art history is challenging. Through familiar "parables" such as ice cream, shojo manga, idols, and otaku culture, you can grasp the flow of art history surprisingly. The lectures cover various art movements such as Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Realism, Impressionism, Surrealism, and American Contemporary Art. The participation fee is 2,500 yen per lecture, which includes one drink and small sweets. To apply, contact or call 03-6228-5922.


Seminar Series Schedule

 Seminar Topic Date
#1: Understanding the Renaissance through the History of Ice Cream April 13th
#2: Understanding Baroque and Rococo through the History of Shojo Manga May 11th
#3: Understanding Realism in the History of Idols June 8th
#4: Understanding Impressionism through Heisei Otaku Cultural History July 13th
#5: Understanding Surrealism in the History of NHK August 10th
#6: Understanding American Contemporary Art through the History of Comedy September 14th


Art Teller Toni Art History Series Schedule

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