Popular Art at 40 Degrees Celsius in Brazil

2020.10.19 - 2020.10.27
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 19:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


ART FOR THOUGHT is pleased to present Coloridas "Popular Art at 40 Degrees Celsius in Brazil" from October 19 through October 27, 2020.

The exhibition will feature the work of Jose Francisco Borges and his son, Pablo Borges, a powerful and humorous Borges woodblock print artist whose work is based on the arid northeastern Brazilian region of Folklore. The exhibition will also feature the sale of "Bio Jewelry®," original jewelry handcrafted by artisans using precious grasses that grow wild in some areas of Brazil and are harvested by hand under the protection of nature. The exhibition will feature Brazilian popular art that brightens up the viewer and beautiful bio-jewelry with organic gold shine made from plant materials using "golden grass" cappindulado. Please come and see the blessings of nature, traditional culture, and craftsmanship. We look forward to welcoming you all.


A new luxury brand that delivers colorful culture and new values created by diverse ethnic groups in the land of Brazil, where the temperature is 40 degrees Celsius. The brand was established in 2010, and is active mainly in Japan with the mission of "fair trade," "sustainable materials," and "handmade work".



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Jose Francisco Borges 

Nicknamed J. Borges
Printmaker, Poet
Born in Pernambuco, Brazil in 1935. Designated as Intangible Cultural Heritage of the state.
He published his first piece at the age of 20, which became very popular after the cover of the second one was decorated with his woodblock prints, which led to an increase in requests for woodblock prints. He has won various prizes and become a nationally and internationally recognized printmaker since his mid-30s. In 2000, he received an award from UNESCO in the category of cultural and educational activities, and in 2002 his work was included in the United Nations calendar. At the age of 84, he is still working daily in his studio while training his successors.


Pablo Borges 

Born in 1994.
Pablo Borges, the 17th of J. Borges' 18 children, began making prints at the age of 7. He is now the successor to his elderly father and director of the museum and workshop "Memorial J. Borges". He says he has wanted to be like his father since childhood and is proud to be his successor.

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