Studio Deanna, T. Gillant, M. Zacharias, Y. Kamei Group Exhibition


2022.07.29 - 2022.08.10
EXHIBITION HOURS: 12:00 - 18:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


From Friday, 7/29/2022 to Wednesday, 8/10/2022, we are pleased to present "In/Tangibles," a four-person exhibition.

IN/TANGIBLE brings together four artists who are deeply influenced by the material of their choice, ranging from industrially manufactured metal to naturally formed dust. Hard or soft, smooth or rough, muddy or colourful, the intrinsic qualities of the material might impact the form of the artwork. Material choice is as important as technique in the creative process, and the two often work hand in hand.

In this exhibition, the four artists present artwork in which the materials play key roles in conveying their artistic visions.


Studio Deanna works with copper in an innovative way to build wire sculptures. Using various crochet techniques, she imagines possible models of water or fabric that flow while still holding the surface tension of a solid.

Thomas Gillant also works with metal, especially aluminum, as a ground base for oil painting. In his latest series, he experiments with optical effects and the depth of field on a smooth, flat surface.

Michelle Zacharias also creates paintings but she uses dust particles to create natural pigments. Dust contains natural and artificial particles that are dispersed and sedimented by air currents, exemplifying borderless geological connections and the Anthropocene effect of global human activities.

Yuko Kamei’s artwork derives from her interests in the space between scientific principles and their workings in real life. Her “Natural Occurence” series combines photographs of volcanic ground surfaces and drawings inspired by these principles that underlie these natural chemical processes.

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