Junko Yamamoto exhibition「resonance – 森の鼓動 –」

Junko Yamamoto exhibition

Resonance – The Heartbeat of the Forest –

2020.12.14 - 2020.12.26
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 19:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


Junko Yamamoto's solo exhibition "resonance - the heartbeat of the forest" will be held from December 14 to 26, 2020.

Flower arrangement cooperation with florist. norikonagashima https://www.f-norikonagashima.net

■ "New Year's Moss Bonsai Making"
December 18 and 19, 1:00pm - 2:30pm, 3:00pm - 4:30pm New Year's moss bonsai making in Yamanishiki with tea and handmade sweets by Chamisou representative Miki Kamada (limited to 5 people each time, 5,000 yen)  https://chamisou1958.com/

■ "Forest Wreath Making Workshop"
Wreath making workshop in the forest" by florist.norikonagashima ¥3,000 (You can choose Xmas, New Year, or daily use) (You can join at any time) 22nd All day 23rd Close at 16:00 *About 1 hour *Close as soon as materials are gone

The beauty you feel in a moment of everyday life
Beautiful forms woven by nature
Grateful for nature's blessings and for being alive
I want to express as I feel with clay.
When I am in nature, I feel the whispers of all things in the forest through sound, color, and rhythm.
The moment I feel it, I feel that it is a miracle that I am alive here and now.
It is a miracle that we are alive here and now. This is the source of my various expressions.


Toreki Junko Yamato
1974 Born in Takefu City, Fukui Prefecture
1995 Studied under Roy Addison at Addison's Pottery studio (New Zealand)
1996 Graduated from Bunka Gakuin College of Art, Ceramics Department Joined Kutsui Kiln Tokyo Co., Ltd. as a production design staff
1998 Went to Subigori Teraccota pottery workshop for a short term (Firenze Italy)
2005 Established Four seasons Pottery

Exhibition history
2007 Two-person exhibition Imajin (Ashikaga City, Tochigi Prefecture)
2008 A hand that looks at the times (Kobe Fashion Museum)
2011 Taipei World Design Expo (Taipei)
1st International Ceramic Festival in Sasama (Shizuoka)
2012 Maison et Objet (Paris, France)
Le Carrousel des metiers d’art et de creation (Louvre Museum Annex, Paris, France)
2013 International Tea Bowl Exhibition (Taiwan) Oriental Museum Tea Ceremony Tea Utensils Exhibition (Moscow, Russia)
2014 1st international festival of fine art (Horice Czech Republic)
Two person exhibition Donryu Bunko Momose (Gunma, Ota City)
2015 Solo exhibition Mizen Fine art (Paris)
Two person exhibition YDS gallery (Kyoto)
2017 Biennale internationale métiers d'art et création Revelations (Paris)
2018 Kyoto Kaisho Photo & Ceramics Exhibition Photo Everett Kennedy Brown Yasushi Izutsu Kyoto
Solo exhibition Mizen Fine art (Paris)
2020 Solo Exhibition Yatsugatake Club

1996/2002 Selected for the Asahi Modern Craft Exhibition
2001/2004 Selected for the Mashiko Ceramic Art Exhibition
2005 Selected for Japan Craft Exhibition
2011 Meshiwan Grand Prix Pottery Category Grand Prize
2012 EX-TEMPORE PILAN2012 SCARBO d.o.o. (3rd prize purchase) Slovenia
2013 Cluj Ceramics Biennale 2013 Romania

Galerija Herman Pečarič Piran, Slovenia
Morikami Museum, Florida
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