Art Teller Toni Seminar

Laughter de Art Night

2012.11.30 -
SEMINAR HOURS: 19:00 - 21:00



Art for Thought presents a unique event—Art Teller Toni's "Warai de Art Night" on November 30th. The event revolves around the relationship between art and magic, exploring the intriguing intersection of two seemingly distinct disciplines. Join us for a night of entertainment, magic, and thought-provoking discussion.
Art Teller Toni's "Warai de Art Night" on November 30th is a must-attend event for anyone who loves art and magic. This year's theme is 'A night about the relationship between art and magic,' and it promises to be a fascinating exploration of how magic has been used as a motif in art. The event will focus on religious paintings, and Art Teller Toni, along with popular artistic magician Kamimaro, will perform magic tricks while discussing the relationship between art and magic. With only 20 seats available, this event is in high demand, so book your spot today by calling (03-6228-5922) or emailing ( ). Admission is ¥1,500, and it includes one drink. Please note that the event on November 16th is already sold out, so don't miss your chance to attend this unique event.
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