Art Teller Toni Seminar

Laughter de Art Night "Ukiyo-e Sequel"

2013.04.19 -
SEMINAR HOURS: 19:00 - 21:00



Welcome to the Japanese art gallery located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo. We take pride in promoting Japanese art and culture to the world through our exhibitions and events. Our latest event, "Wara de Art Night," is a talk show with the theme of "Yakusha-e" that will make you want to go to "Shin Kabukiza," which opened in April. We are excited to invite you to join us in this talk show and experience the beauty of Japanese art and culture.
The Japanese art gallery in Ginza, Tokyo, is hosting "Wara de Art Night," a talk show with the theme of "Yakusha-e" on Friday, April 19, at 7:00 pm. The talk show is a sequel to the popular "Night if you like Ukiyo-e" event and welcomes the chief curator of the Ukiyo-e Museum in Tokyo as a guest. The curator will carefully select Kabuki actors and introduce Ukiyo-e drawn. The event aims to make Kabuki and Ukiyo-e accessible to everyone, regardless of their knowledge or familiarity with the subjects. The participation fee is 1,500 yen, and you can apply by calling 03-6228-5922 or emailing Don't miss this fantastic opportunity to experience the beauty of Japanese art and culture.
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