MIKIKO KAMADA「(in)visible forest」

Mikiko Kamada

(in)visible forest

2020.07.28 - 2020.08.08
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 18:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

August 1st (Sat) all day, 3rd (Mon) 15:00, 5th (Wed) 13:00, 6th (Thursday) 14:00, 7th (Fri) 16:00, 8th (Sat) all day

Have you ever seen a plant return to the soil? We tend to be influenced only by what we can see, but in reality, invisible forces are at work not only in the forest, but also in our immediate surroundings to maintain equilibrium. The power to see and imagine invisible things. The (in)visible forest.


Mikiko Kamada is the president and plant director of Rokkaku Kay LLC. Graduated from the Graduate School of Agriculture, Hokkaido University. With a background in life science, she worked as a plant developer for a manufacturer, and then started her career as a plant director, making use of her academics. In 2015, she launched "Tanicushion®", a cushion that reproduces the charm of succulent plants, and "Iwai-bana", a cushion that expresses a celebratory flower as an indoor greening tool. Currently, she is studying to reconstruct the "relationship between plants and humans" as a doctoral student at the Graduate School of Horticulture, Chiba University, in order to research the importance of greening spaces. She is continuously engaged in expressive activities as part of her research. She is planning a "Calming Plants Salon" where people can experience the effects of plants.

Inside and outside. |HUVANITY
We are not trapped by the known, but we are able to pull up the familiar room and the everyday cityscape with our imagination and push it with our will. This project consists of a series of three exhibitions at ART FOR THOUGHT, which will attempt to unravel the landscape, starting with the city (Takayuki Imawazumi), nature (Mikiko Kamata), and the earth (World Dirt Association). The creative direction is by Takayuki Tadao. Creative direction is by Keiichiro Tao (Business Solutions Producer, Bijutsu Techo).

vol.1 Takayuki Imaizumi + Imagination Investigator 7.1 - 7.11
vol.2 Mikiko Kamada 7.28 - 8.8
vol.3 World Dirt Association 11.1 - 11.11

*Opening hours may change depending on the spread of the new coronavirus.
*We ask for your cooperation in using masks when visiting the exhibition.
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