「MOOD DANCES ~アートを纏う」

Miki Ushida × Toshiaki Sakaguchi × Kaorin

MOOD DANCES ~ Wearing Art

2020.12.06 - 2020.12.12
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 19:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


ART FOR THOUGHT is pleased to present "MOOD DANCES - Wearing Art" by Miki USHIDA, Hisako Sakaguchi and kaorin from December 6, 2020 to December 12, 2020.

This exhibition features Miki USHIDA, who has been presenting works on the theme of femininity and gender, and has started a hat brand "MIKI USHIDA" with the theme of "wearing art" in 2020; Hisako Sakaguchi, who develops stylish works using a character named "Chacorina" as a motif; and Kaorin, who has been presenting works on the theme of "wearing art" for more than 30 years.

Each piece is handmade, and no two are alike.
We hope that "wearing art" will add color to your life in these days when you are less likely to go out due to Corona.

We look forward to seeing you at the exhibition.

Ushida Мiki  https://www.mikiushida.com/
She has developed her work on the theme of femininity and gender, using various supports such as photographs, installations, and sculptures. In July 2016, she was appointed as a planner and creative director of "Circle," a store specializing in hats. In 2020, she will launch the hat brand "MIKI USHIDA" under the theme of "Wearing Art".
1981 Born in Tokyo, Japan
2004 BFA in Painting, Tokyo Zokei University
2005 Completed Tokyo Zokei University as a research student
【Solo Exhibition】
2003 "HOW TO MAKE UP", node in the painting building of Tokyo Zokei University
2004 "follow me ..." Gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2005 "sweet trap" Futaba Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo
2005 "eternal dreaming" switch point, Kokubunji, Tokyo
2007 "A" Korobo & tomo, Ginza, Tokyo
2010 "Beauty is skin deep" Gallery K, Ginza
【Group Exhibition】
2009 "Japan Collage 2009" Gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo
2010 "ART FOR TWO" Gallery K, Ginza, Tokyo

Hisako Sakaguchi http://www.japatic.jp/
A hair stylist in Tokyo who moved to New York in 1994.
She has been working on the theme of "fashionable life" with her nickname "Chacolina" based on the club scene and party life influenced by her life in New York. While planning and organizing parties with friends in New York, she began to produce and sell everything related to parties, including space decorations, clothes, bags, and accessories, and spent 10 years as a beautician and designer. After returning to Japan, she has been working as an accessory designer, mainly making doll charms and art.
【Solo Exhibition】
2017 "Let's party!" SPACE M, Nakameguro
2018 "Japanese chic!" ART FOR THOUGHT, Ginza, Tokyo
2019 "Spring & Summer" ART FOR THOUGHT, Ginza, Tokyo
【Group Exhibition】
2018 "Sakuma Pink Exhibition" MDP GALLERY, Nakameguro, Tokyo
2018 "Tatsunoko Genic Shikoku Marugoto Art Museum" Tatsunoko Production × MDP GALLERY, My Navi Tobirabelle presents
2019 "Tatsunoko Genic Art Exhibition" Kyoto University of Art and Design
Participated in many other events at department stores (Isetan, Sogo, Hankyu, Mitsukoshi, etc.)

Kaorin (Kaori Tanaka) https://www.kaorin-stole.com/
Lives and works in Kobe.
After graduating from Osaka University of Arts with a degree in textile dyeing and weaving, she worked in textile planning. In 2012, she held a group exhibition to make use of the know-how she had gathered and the piles of samples she had collected during that time. She uses a corner of her home in Kobe as a studio for her work.
【Solo・Group Exhibition】
2012/2013 Group Exhibition Gallery (Ashiya)
2013 Group Exhibition (Paris)
2014 Shushinkan Solo Exhibition (Kobe)
2014 HMJ participation (Osaka/Tokyo)
2015 "Magia Mysterious Stole Exhibition" Gallery Yuei (Osaka)
2015 “Wearing Color” La Glen (Ashiya)
2016 Selected for Hat Museum/Hat Contest (Lyon, France)
2016 “Glittering colors” Cuore Mariko (Kanazawa)
2016 "Sparkling Stole" Gallery Yuei (Osaka)
2017 "Stole/Hat Airy Beat" M's Gallery (Wakayama)
2017 "Collaboration Exhibition to Enjoy Summer" La Glen (Ashiya)
2017 "Clowns' Dormancy" La Glen (Ashiya)
2018 “Iro mixed with transparent heart” Mariko Cuore (Kanazawa)
2018 “reincarnation-Two-person exhibition” Gallery Yuei (Osaka)
2019 "Three People Exhibition in Spring" fei art gallery (Yokohama)
2019 "Magical Moon" Ms Gallery (Wakayama)
2020 "concilio" HFGR (Roppongi, Tokyo)

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