Olesya Shilkina写真展 『It was a pleasure to meet you』

Olesya Shilkina Exhibition

It was a pleasure to meet you

2016.08.19 - 2016.08.19
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 18:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


Experience the power of photography and storytelling at Art for Thought gallery in Ginza, Tokyo. We are proud to present Olesya Shilkina's first exhibition in Japan, "It was a pleasure to meet you". This exhibition showcases the emotional intricacies of human relationships through a series of stunning photographs. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the artistry of this talented Russian photographer.

The "It was a pleasure to meet you" exhibition, held until August 20th, features the captivating work of Olesya Shilkina, an award-winning photographer based in Paris. Shilkina's photographs use red and white cloth to vividly capture various scenes that depict the complexity of human relationships shaped by past encounters. Her project "Ghosts of my lovers" showcases a series of mise en scene, where characters are placed in dramatic tension with their past. The shrouded figures embody the ghosts of the past in this theatre, making the invisible visible. The exhibition begins with statuary figures, who struggle to be in the present as the pull of past passions and their ghosts is too strong. The series operates a visual shift, where these ghosts become the central characters, in an almost shakespearean way. From shrouded mystery, the series moves to a theatre of passions that are both violent and pathetic. Shilkina's intimate and almost domestic passions of the past become pathetic characters, inviting the viewer to explore the depth of emotions that exist within all of us. Shilkina's work has been recognized internationally, including being awarded the PX3 Silver Prize Laureate in the Professional Category for portrait series in Paris in 2014. Don't miss this unique opportunity to see her artistry and storytelling in person at Art for Thought gallery.


2016 International Art Today, Germany
2014 PX3 Silver Prize Laureate, Professional Category for portrait series, Paris
2014 PX3 Honorable mention for portrait photography, Paris
2014 SPEOS Photography School European Master of Professional Photography
2009 University of Russian Academy of Education
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