KIM JUN solo exhibition


2021.04.12 - 2021.04.27
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 18:00
*Due to the declaration of a state of emergency, the exhibition period ended on Saturday, April 24th.
We apologize for the inconvenience and thank you for your understanding.

The series "ANTI ENTROPY" (2013, solo exhibition in New York) was inspired by the many traces of conte left unconsciously on the canvas when the artist's consciousness suddenly wandered off during production.

Countless lines softly and supplely dance and intersect on the canvas as if weaving out something that lies at the root of the unconscious.

In this solo exhibition (the first in eight years), Kim Jung presents a new series of works that shift from the "lines" of "ANTI ENTROPY" to "ONE, the LAND," which is composed of "dots.

A single "dot" is meaningless. Hundreds or thousands of "dots" are combined and overlap to form a single world.

This world reminds us of another world that we do not know.

Please enjoy the ethereal world of Kim Jung.


Born in Seoul, Korea in 1971.
Came to Japan in 1998 and currently lives in Tokyo.
He creates works by layering countless lines.
The foundation of his work is his own body, senses, a priori, and self-experience.


[Solo exhibition]
2013 "Jun Kim : Anti-Entropy", See | Exhibition Space, New York
2010 "Thread of Times", Art Forum Sen, Terukuni, Fukuoka
2007 Gallery Yamaguchi, Kyobashi, Tokyo
2006 BEMCH, Koenji, Tokyo
2004 Gallery Yamaguchi, Kyobashi, Tokyo

[ Group Exhibition / Others ]
2021 "ART TAKES 2021", Ki Smith Gallery, New York
2013 "Queens Tech Bash", MoMA PS1, New York
2010 "the Art Interview – 19th International Online Artist Competition", Germany
2010 "2010 CAF.Nebula Exhibition" guest exhibition, Saitama
2009 "Space and Image Exhibition", Korean Cultural Center, Embassy of the Republic of Korea in Japan, Tokyo
2008 "The 4th Art Jam 'Doll Exhibition'", Gallery Yamaguchi, Tokyo
2006 Masuo Ikeda Memorial Art Exhibition, Yokyo Art Hall, Osaka Contemporary Art Center
2005 Sompo Japan Art Foundation Selected Encouragement Exhibition, Sompo Japan Seiji Togo Museum of Art

2021 "ART TAKES 2021", Honorable Mention, SEE | ME, New York
2012 “Grand Prize Winner – ”The Power of Self” Competition, ARTISTS WANTED, New York
2010 "the Art Interview – 19th International Online Artist Competition", Honorable Mention
2005 "The 55th Modern Art Association Exhibition", Honorable Mention Award
2004 ``2004 Tomorrow's Prospects Exhibition'', Young Artist Award
2004 54th Modern Art Association Exhibition, Encouragement Award, Sompo Japan Art Foundation Encouragement Award
2003 "The 3rd Masuo Ikeda Memorial Art Award Exhibition", Honorable Mention Award
2003 "The 53rd Modern Art Association Exhibition", New Face Award
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