‘Relation-shapeⅡ’ 山際景子 個展/ Keiko Yamagiwa solo exhibition

Keiko Yamagiwa Exhibition

Relation-shape II

2017.05.08 - 2017.05.27
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 23:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

Please inquire about reservations after 18:00


Welcome to Art for Thought, a contemporary art gallery located in the heart of Ginza, Tokyo. We are thrilled to showcase some of the most exciting and innovative artworks by talented Japanese artists. Our gallery is dedicated to showcasing the latest trends in contemporary art, and we strive to create a dynamic and engaging environment that inspires our visitors.

We are delighted to announce the upcoming solo exhibition ‘Relation-shapeⅡ’ by Keiko Yamagiwa, which will take place from May 8th to May 27th, 2017. This exhibition marks the artist's first solo show in three years, and we are excited to showcase her latest works at Art for Thought.

Since her time studying in the UK in 2005, Keiko Yamagiwa has been exploring the concept of 'Relation-shape', which visualizes the invisible human connections we have with others. In her works, Yamagiwa portrays the fragility, transience, dignity, and strength of human relationships through her unique perspective and rich color sense.

Yamagiwa's artworks feature rhythmic forms and bold colors that create a sense of harmony and balance. Her works are not only visually appealing but also thought-provoking, making them perfect for those who appreciate the art of contemplation.

We invite you to experience the vibrant and captivating world of Keiko Yamagiwa's ‘Relation-shapeⅡ’ at Art for Thought. Come and explore the magic of contemporary Japanese art in the heart of Tokyo.

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