RIO UMEZAWA solo exhibition「視覚の融合 -Fusion of vision-」

RIO UMEZAWA Solo Exhibition

Fusion of Vision

2022.07.02 - 2022.07.09
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 19:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays

ARTIST PRESENCE: All days 12:00 - 19:00


RIO UMEZAWA solo exhibition "Fusion of Vision" will be held from July 2 (Sat) to 9 (Sat), 2022.

RIO UMEZAWA freely works in a variety of genres from acrylic paintings, miniatures, pen drawings, and prints, from abstract to figurative.

For this exhibition, RIO UMEZAWA will present a new series of works that fuses a wide range of genres.

We hope you will enjoy the new world of RIO UMEZAWA, which is cut out and developed from a different perspective.

Born in 1974 in Mie Prefecture, Japan.

From the age of 3, he learned watercolor, crafts, and oil painting at a painting class taught by local artist Mineo Oura.

Gradually, he became interested in becoming a painter.

In 1989, after graduating from junior high school, he went to the U.S. by himself at the age of 15 to study painting in earnest.

He studied various art techniques at the Cambridge school of Weston (Massachusetts) and the Academy of Art (San Francisco).

After returning to Japan, he was scouted by a radio scout in Osaka, and made his debut as a radio DJ in 1998.

His love of music led him to regular programs on FM Osaka, ZIP-FM (Nagoya), Tokyo FM affiliate JFN (Japan FM Network), and other radio stations. In addition, he has appeared on TV programs, MCed events, and narrated commercials and programs.

He has also been busy as an event MC and narrator for commercials and TV programs.

In 2014, at the age of 40, he decided to focus on painting and left all regular TV programs to move to Tokyo.

In the same year, as a finalist in the "International Art Festival," his work was exhibited in New York, and this was the beginning of RIO UMEZAWA's unique and vivid colors and graceful, delicate style.

His works, created with his unique use of vivid colors, graceful and delicate lines, and unique sensibility, were highly acclaimed both in Japan and abroad.

Since then, he has continued to work energetically as the painter RIO UMEZAWA, holding solo exhibitions and exhibiting at art fairs and group shows in Japan and abroad every year.

Currently, he is a painter, radio DJ, MC, narrator, speaking & communication instructor, and art therapist.


Solo Exhibitions
■ May 2022 "RIO UMEZAWA Exhibition Summer Fragrance" @ Shibuya Tokyu Main Store Art Gallery
■February 2022 "Wacoal x RIO UMEZAWA Double Yarn" @ Kyoto Engawa Kyoto
■November 2021 “Bouyo” @ Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Art Salon
■September 2021 "Print Exhibition in a Small World" @ Kichijoji Café Bar Hitototema
■August 2021 "Bien venue chez RIO" @ Omotesando Grenier by Uruotte
■February 2021 "Vitality" ~ Living now, without race or gender ~ @ Ishikawa Gallery, Ginza
■December 2020 "Love Prayer and Dance" @Odakyu Department Store Shinjuku Art Salon
■July 2020 "Ming - Myo -" @ Mie Matsubishi Department Store
■September 2019 "Time Retrospective - 7 Years Ago and Now" @ Ginza ART FOR THOUGHT
■October 2018 RIO UMEZAWA Special Exhibition @Tokyo・Shibuya Wine Bar Roadie
■November 2017 Art & Music Festival @Osaka fair trade shop Pamojah
■August 2017 "materialism or non-materialism?" @ Shimokitazawa Smart Ship Gallery
■May 2017 "Reality and Creation" @Nagoya JILL D' ART GALLERY
■August 2016 "RIO UMEZAWA meets AQUAVIT Lounge" @ Scandinavian restaurant AQUAVIT lounge space in Gaienmae, Tokyo
■September-October 2015 "Naturalism" @ Mie Toba CAFE MUSEA
■May-June 2015 "Mysticism" @Namba GALLERY DE ROOM 702, Osaka
■November 2013 "Biodiversity Beautiful Creatures" @ Shimokitazawa Smart Ship Gallery
■January 2011 "BEATRIO ~sound Design Takeshi Nakatsuka~" @Kenryu Hamasaki Museum of Contemporary Art, Osaka

Group Exhibitions
■ 2019, 2018, 2016 Taiwan Art Fair "Infinity Japan Contemporary Art Show"
■2018, 2017 Kobe Art Fair "KOBE ART FAIR2017"
■December 2016 Seoul Art Fair "Seoul Art Show 2016", South Korea
■September 2016 Hong Kong Hotel Art Fair "Asia Contemporary Art Show 2016"
■ May 2016 Busan Art Fair "ART BUSAN 2016", South Korea
■ November 2015 Singapore Hotel Art Fair "BANK ART FAIR2015"
■July 2015 Osaka Hotel Art Fair "ART OSAKA2015"
■February 2015 Tokyo The Art complex Center of Tokyo "Detail Exhibition 2015"
■October 2014 New York Highline Art Gallery, USA
"International Art Festival Finalist Exhibition"

Group Exhibitions
■January 2022 Print Labo Exhibition @ Ebisu Hiroshige Gallery
■February 2022 Shukugawa Neko Tsume Exhibition @ Hyogo Shukugawa WORLD TIMES
■July 2021 Charity Exhibition What can be done with the power of art Thumbhole Exhibition @ Ebisu Hiroshige Gallery
■August 2020 Group Exhibition "The Woman Power" @ Ishikawa Gallery, Ginza
■April 2019 Group exhibition [Lumières du Printemps] @ Galerie Mona Lisa, Paris, France
■December 2018 Miyabi Katayama and RIO UMEZAWA two-person exhibition “Color and Fragrance” @ Shimokitazawa Smart Ship Gallery
■October 2018 Miyabi Katayama and RIO UMEZAWA two-person exhibition “Color and Fragrance” @Shukugawa World Times, Hyogo Prefecture
■August 2018 "Gildal 10th Anniversary Special Exhibition" @Nagoya Gildal Gallery
■April-May 2016 "Double Exhibition Charming YU UCHIDA×RIO UMEZAWA" @Nagoya Gildahl Gallery
■March 2016 "Dear Humans 5 People Exhibition" @Shibuya Social Tokyo Gallery
■November 2015 "Artist Group Exhibition that Loves Music ~MUSIC ART SHOW~" @ Ebisu Galerie Malle
■ June 2013 "RIO x Masayo Kimura Black and White Syndrome" @Osaka ART HOUSE
■February 2010 "HORIPRO ART RIO, Akio, Mira Takiguchi Exhibition" @ Irori Village, Osaka
■October 2000 "RIO x Masayo Kimura Two-man Exhibition Drops" @Osaka café RODEO
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