Satoko Iwasaka × Chen PoHsin 二人展

Satoko Iwasaka × Chen PoHsin Duo Exhibition

Satoko Iwasaka × Chen PoHsin

2022.07.13 - 2022.07.23
EXHIBITION HOURS: 12:00 - 18:00
*Closed on 17th (Sun), 18th (Mon/Holiday)

"Satoko Iwasaka × Chen PoHsin Two Artists Exhibition" will be held from 7/13 (Wed) to 7/23 (Sat).

Satoko Iwasaka creates a wide range of works from still life to social subjects, mainly using oil paintings, based on the theme of "shimmering" when something is displaced from something else or when one stares at something else.

On the other hand, Japanese painter Chen Po-sheng depicts her memories of Taiwan, where she was born and raised, and her own feelings as if she were writing a diary, overlaying them on everyday scenes.

We hope you will enjoy the world of these two artists who express themselves by looking at everyday life and its extended landscapes.


Satoko Iwasaka

Solo Exhibition
2020 “Betweenness” (Kobo Chika/Hiroo)
2019 “Morimori” (ART FOR THOUGHT/Ginza)
2019 “Sugurono” (Kouganji/Musashi Kosugi)
2018 “First Day” (The United Church of Christ in Japan Kamata Church / Kamata)

Group Exhibition
2022 "Cats and Birds" (Gallery Minoya / Nezu)
2021 "Visible / Invisible" (Gallery FACE TO FACE / Nishiogikubo)

2021 World Painting Award Winner (Tokyo Metropolitan Art Museum)
2019 Shell Art Award Winner (The National Art Center, Tokyo)

CHEN Pohsin
Born in Taiwan
2021 Graduated from Nippon Tama Art University, Department of Painting, Japanese Painting Major

Exhibition history
2018 Kichijoji Atre Excellent Works Exhibition (Tokyo Kichijoji Station B1 floor atre)
2019 MEW AGE Tokyo Five Art University Exchange Exhibition (Tokyo Ginza Yokyo Hall, Japan)
2019 GALLERY ART POINT Grand Prize Exhibition KIZUNA 2019 (Tokyo, Japan Ginza Gallery Art Point)
Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan) 2019 Future Harvest Festival (Japan Marugame City, Kagawa Prefecture Lifelong Learning Center 1F Gallery)
2019 Tama Art Alumni Association Three Branch Joint Exhibition Korea × Taiwan x Kanagawa (Japan Kanagawa FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA)
2020 Taiwan-Taichung Dadun Art Exhibition (Taidun Cultural Center, Taichung City, Taiwan)
2021 Tokyo Five Art Universities Joint Graduation Exhibition (Tokyo New Art Museum, Japan)
2021 Infinite Garden Tama Art Group Exhibition of Japanese Paintings (DESIGN FESTA GALLERY, Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan)
2021 Taiwan-New Taipei City Art Exhibition-Jiao Cai (New Taipei City Art and Cultural Center)
2022 Taiwan-Chen Bai-Xin Japanese Painting Solo Exhibition (Cerbera Café, Taipei City, Taiwan)
2022 Tama Art University Graduate School of Japanese Painting Studies Second Year Exhibition "Retro" (Shinjuku Sato Art Museum, Tokyo, Japan) 2022
Taiwan-Taichung Art Expo (Taiwan Taichung Lin Hotel)

2020 Taiwan-Taichung Dadun Art Show Excellence Award
2021 Taiwan-New Taipei City Art Show Excellence Award
2022 Taiwan-Yilan Art Show Award
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