Sonoko Nukaga 展示「鏡の膜」

Sonoko Nukaga

Mirror Film

2022.11.23 - 2022.12.10
EXHIBITION HOURS: 12:00 - 19:00
ARTIST PRESENCE: 11月23, 26, 27日, 12月4, 7, 10日


With ceramics and terracotta as his main media, artist Sonoko Nukaga delves into the interplay of opposing values - substance and surface, consciousness and unconsciousness - to create works that integrate the contradictions and gaps inherent in human nature into the universal motif of the human body. In this exhibition, Nukaga aims to further enrich his works by incorporating the background through images reflected in the glasses and mirrors that appear in the pieces. This seamless integration blurs the boundary between the work and its viewers, immersing them in Nukaga's eloquent and introspective world. Join us in experiencing the beauty and complexity of Nukaga Sonoko's creations, where the subtle nuances of material and form are interwoven with profound meditations on the human condition.
Sonoko Nukaga is a Japanese artist who specializes in working with ceramics and terracotta. Born in 1989 in Kanagawa. Nukaga studied at the Tokyo University of Arts before beginning her career as an artist. Nukaga's works often explore the relationship between surface and substance, consciousness and unconsciousness, and incorporate the contradictions and gaps inherent in the human experience into the universal motif of the human body. Her pieces are known for their delicate balance between form and texture, and their ability to convey a sense of quiet introspection. Today, Nukaga continues to create stunning pieces that blur the boundaries between sculpture, pottery, and fine art, using her unique style to explore the intricacies of the human experience and to express the beauty of the world around us.


2022 Saki Kitamura x Sonoko Nukaga Duo Exhibition — Bakuro Yokoyama, Tokyo
2021 "The Texture of Scenery" Solo Exhibition — Ishikawa Gallery, Tokyo
2020 TAGBOAD AWARD Special Jury Prize Tomio Koyama Award
2019 "Enclosed Temperature" Solo Exhibition — The University Art Museum, Tokyo University of the Arts, Tokyo
2019 "Beyond the Gauze" — Hideharu Fukasaku Gallery Roppongi, Tokyo
2018 Life Insurance Co., Ltd. — Osaka Head Office Building, Osaka
2018 “Ceramics x Arts x Techniques” — FEI ART MUSEUM YOKOHAMA, Kanagawa
2018 “3331 Art Fair 2016” — 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2016 "Not Clear" Solo Exhibition — Gallery Jin Projects, Tokyo
2015 Various Collectors' Prizes — 3331 Arts Chiyoda, Tokyo
2015 "Duet Series Vol.3" Sonoko Nukaga x Rina Tenmei Duo Exhibition — Gallery Jin Projects, Tokyo
2015 "Human Figure Part.1 Form" Yuji Suzaki x Sonoko Nukaga Duo Exhibition — Emon Photo Gallery, Tokyo
2015 "The Art Fair + Plus – Ultra" — Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2015 Art Award Tokyo Marunouchi Judge: Akira Tatehata Award Winner Mori Award Winner
2014 "The Art Fair + Plus – Ultra" — Spiral Garden, Tokyo
2014 "Art Jam" Gallery — Jin Projects, Tokyo
2013 "New Artists" Gallery — Jin Projects (Tokyo)
2013 Ataka Award Winner
2011 Keiichiro Kume Award Winner
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