Susumu Kikutake

Ginza Souvenir

2013.09.24 - 2013.10.05
EXHIBITION HOURS: 13:00 - 15:00


Discover the exciting world of contemporary art and design at Art for Thought in Ginza, Tokyo. We are thrilled to present the "Souvenir Ginza" exhibition, a unique showcase of limited-edition Ginza-themed T-shirts and miscellaneous goods by Susumu Kikutake, a talented designer who is creating a buzz with his current affairs T-shirts. Join us for this two-week event and explore the fascinating world of contemporary art and design.

From September 24th to October 5th, 2013, Art for Thought is proud to host the "Souvenir Ginza" exhibition, a two-week limited pop-up shop featuring Ginza-themed T-shirts and miscellaneous goods by Susumu Kikutake. Known for his current affairs T-shirts, Kikutake has gained national attention with his bold designs, including "GO TO JAIL" and "Horiemon Imprisonment T-shirt." At this exhibition, visitors will have the opportunity to purchase limited-edition T-shirts and miscellaneous goods, as well as attend a T-shirt printing workshop on September 28th (advance reservations required). Don't miss this unique opportunity to experience contemporary art and design at its best.

Susumu Kikutake was born in Fukuoka and began producing contemporary art while studying law at university. In 2004, he launched his current affairs-themed T-shirt brand "Small Design" and moved to Tokyo, where he has been creating thought-provoking designs ever since. His T-shirts, including "Earthquake Disaster Charity," "Puruto-kun," "Horiemon Imprisonment," "Othello Nakajima Brainwashing Disturbance," and "Senkaku," have been featured in TV newspapers and are attracting attention. In 2012, he opened a street store in Kichijoji and occasionally carries out the "World's Most Beautiful Street Art" project, which involves erasing graffiti in the city.

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