TSURUTO, FLAGS design, Natsukashii Mirai Design Institute

- TRIANGLE - from each standpoint

2019.07.13 - 2019.08.10
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 23:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays
*Please check the website for reservations after 18:00


TRIANGLE - From Each Standpoint" is being held until next Saturday, August 10.
"TSURUTO" is developing a new Japanese style from an old merchant house.
"FLAGS design" has been exploring the relationship with society through products made from workplaces where people with disabilities work.
"Natsukashii Mirai Design Institute," which aims to design and create products based on the environment and culture.
This exhibition will feature a variety of unique works by the three artists, including beautiful and durable accessories and tableware made from neglected cypress forests, Koshigaya Daruma doll art, and purses made from kimono fabric.
We hope you will enjoy the fascinating works of these three artists, who, despite their different perspectives, are developing their activities with an emphasis on tradition, culture, and the environment.

TSURUTO" is a brand that values "Japanese" dress and lifestyle backed by excellent traditions and techniques.
We would like to propose comfortable living to you from new perspectives and angles
We are a company that is committed to providing a comfortable lifestyle from new perspectives and angles.
We have a gallery in "Hakariya," an old merchant's house that still retains its original appearance facing the street of Koshigaya-juku on the Nikko Kaido Road.
The beautiful Japanese culture that has been nurtured over the years remains strong there.
We have begun a new attempt to reflect our current lifestyle in this refined sense of beauty.

【FLAGS design】
Flags Design's mission is to produce high quality wooden housewares, mainly cutlery and plates, on a daily basis and to make them available to as many people as possible.
We have seen an increase in the number of customers who are comfortable with the warmth and lightness of wooden products.
In a country with 70% of its land area covered by forests, we are a people who have lived with trees since ancient times.
This may be a proof that we are a people who have lived with trees since time immemorial.
In addition to this, we aim to create warm designs that allow people to feel the freedom and individuality of each piece.

【Natsukashii Mirai Design Institute】
The aim of the workshop is to create designs that take into consideration the environment and the culture that has been refined over time.
The studio aims to create designs that take into consideration the environment and culture that have been refined over time. We have also produced designs and interior products for welfare facilities.
We have also produced interior products for welfare facilities and other facilities.

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