「World Dirt Association exhibition : Dirt ×(irl+url)=?」

World Dirt Association exhibition

Dirt ×(irl+url)=?

2020.10.31 - 2020.11.11
EXHIBITION HOURS: 11:00 - 19:00
*Closed on Sundays & Public Holidays


World Dirt Association reconstructs images of things by using soil as a material. In this work, through the colors, shapes, and smells of soil collected at several locations around Ginza, we relive the memories of the places and the experiences of the people who collected the soil. How will the story of the soil, which is created by the work and the viewer, be transformed by the IRL/URL (real/vertical) experience?
An artist collective formed by Yoshitaka Nanjo, James Jack, and Shotaro Yoshino, World Dirt Association is a research organization that surveys the world's regions with a focus on their unique geology and history, and produces artworks. Major exhibitions include "Water and Soil Art Festival 2015" (Niigata), "S.Y.C.A.R.E." (Tokyo), and "S.Y.C.A.R.E." (Tokyo). S.Y.P. P . Art Space 216 (Tokyo), Itihara Art Mix 217 (Chiba), Yame Remix 2017 (Fukuoka), and Okunoto International Art Festival 2021 (Ishikawa). http://arttokyo.sub.jp/wda/ja
* Please send the soil on your side to the exhibition site. An event will be held on November 11.

Inside and out.

We are not trapped by the known, but by our imagination and our will to push the familiar rooms and streets. By rereading what we see, we can expand our world and reconnect with society. This exhibition at the Art for Sort gallery attempts to unravel the landscape, with the city, nature, and the earth as its starting points. Creative direction is by Keiichiro Tao (Business Solutions Producer, Bijutsu Techo).

HUVANITY | vol.3
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